Benchmarking and analyses

Benchmarking and analyses

Benchmarking help enterprises focus on capabilities critical to building strategic advantage and we can advise on how to use the information to improve daily operations and performance, as well as for strategic purposes.

Benchmarking of a company, selected processes and operations or products, can be a strong tool in identifying opportunities for performance improvements in the company’s competitive power and/or applying best practises in selected business operations, production and sales.

Our benchmarking tools include quantitative and qualitative measuring and evaluation of products, sales and services, technologies and maintenance. We also use more direct measuring based on key-figures and performance indicators.

Benchmarking can be conducted for a whole company or just a plant and/or a production line as well as we can concentrate on a specific process or activity.

Qualitative market research is often used to understand customer behaviour including decision processes and buying criteria, but it is often also used to benchmark our client’s performance in the market compared to competitors and/or “best-in-class”.