Fact finding visits

Map of Russia

We arrange and advice on “Fact-Finding Visits” and “Special Seminars” for enterprises wanting to enter Russia but also for Russian enterprises wanting to enter European countries.

When a company consider entering the Russian market or other CIS markets, a Fact-Finding Visit is a good way to quite quickly get a good understanding and overview of the market opportunities and competitive environment, as well as possible barriers and costs of entering the market.

Often Fact-Finding Visits are done in connection with relevant trade fairs or exhibitions in a larger city, spending 1-2 days on the trade fair and 1-2 days visiting possible customers, distributors, authorities and local government.

Fact-Finding Visits can also be a strong tool for introducing new technologies and applications within R&D, products, production and energy, and will then often include special technical seminars.

Our services within Fact-Finding Visits, usually includes one or more of the following:

  • Planning a relevant professional program and setting up meetings at trade fairs and/or with companies, possible customers, distributors and local government
  • Special seminars about the market, how to do business in Russia, and other relevant issues
  • Special seminars within R&D, products, production, energy or other relevant technical topics
  • Advice and recommendations during the meetings
  • Translation, interpretation and logistic support and services