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Vitus Bering Management - assuring your success in Russia!

Since 1985, Vitus Bering Management has been passionate about helping top executives making better decisions and deliver better results. We focus on helping enterprises improve performance and enhance profitability through strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our customers’ unique reality.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Russian market, we advise foreign and Russian enterprises - present in, or entering into, Russia and other CIS countries - on their most critical issues and opportunities:

We help enterprises harness the power of people, processes and technology to improve business operations and maximize enterprise value.

Vitus Bering Management Ltd. has its name from the Danish born explorer Vitus Bering, who established that Asia and Alaska was separated by clear sea, later named “The Bering Strait”. We are constantly exploring new business opportunities, new ways of doing things and achieving results in the Russian market as well as developing the business eastwards.