Since 1985, when Vitus Bering Management Ltd. was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients, helping companies improve performance and enhance profitability.

We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire. We offer uniquely tailored, holistic and pragmatic advice, and lasting results.

Since 1989 the Vitus Bering Management Ltd. has been advising enterprises - present in, or entering into, Russia and other CIS countries - on their most critical issues and opportunities: Business Performance Improvement, Business Development & Strategy, Market Entrance & Penetration, Human Resource Management and since 1992, also Recruitment.

Our customers are top executives and management of enterprises within various industries and sectors within and outside of Russia.

The company has its name from the Danish born explorer Vitus Bering, who established that Asia and Alaska was separated by water, later named “The Bering Strait”. We are constantly exploring new business opportunities, new ways of doing things and achieving results in the Russian market as well as developing the business eastwards.

We make a difference in our clients' financial, strategic, operational and organisational results. Don't just take our word for it—read what some of our clients say.