Regional Development


Over the years we have advised a number of Russian regions (Oblasts) on regional development, innovation and modernisation and how to attract direct investors including FDIs (Foreign Direct Investors).

Our approach is focusing on regional development and growth, based on improving value and productivity of existing resources, as well as to identify what might be needed of external expertise and resources to support the development and growth.

Our services withinRegional Development’ usually include one or more of the following services:

  • Analysis of opportunities for improving value and productivity of existing resources
  • Establishing ‘Master Development Plan’ – short, medium and long-term (30 years) perspective
  • Action plans and specific steps for improving the value and productivity as well as reducing input costs to the regional economy
  • Management consulting including assistance, know-how, tools, skills and practical experience in improving the whole process of Innovation System, creating high value adding SMEs, business incubators, science & techno parks, clusters and technology institutes
  • Support the regional (Oblast) authorities with project management in order to assure a systematic approach in establishing and/or improving the Innovation System

We also conduct workshops and seminars on Regional development issues. An example of seminar conducted is: Regional development – top management training and seminar for Oblast top-managers, focusing on development strategy, promoting the region and attracting foreign enterprises and strategic investors.