Business model for success in the Russian market

Business model for success in the Russian market

Doing your homework and adapting your business model to the Russian customers and the Russian market needs, is most crucial in order to assure success when entering and penetrating the Russian market.

An important precondition for a successful entrance into and penetration of the Russian market is to test and adapt your business models. We have experience in testing and advising on the whole value and supply chain of Russian operations including products and services, business set-up and structure as well as functions and operations for control.

Our services for “Business Model Review” usually includes:

  • Analysis and test of your existing and/or planned business model for Russia
  • Advising and sparring with relevant executives
  • Market research might be necessary as input to formulating / adapting the business model

As proven by practice: Getting your Russian business model right from the beginning will assure more than half of your success! And save a lot of money later on!